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Medication Overview

A variety of fertility drugs, and procedures, are now available to treat most conditions causing female infertility. Clomid© and FSH , Progesterone, Lupron© , Cetrotide© , Antagon© , Metformin© (glucophage), Femara© (letrozole) , hCG, pregnyl©, Novarel© , Luveris© , Parlodel©, (bromocriptine) , Dostinex© (cabergoline) are the major fertility drugs in use.

Surgical Infertility Treatment Options

Oftentimes, surgery is needed to correct/treat diseases such as endometriosis or uterine abnormalities. Our fertility specialists have extensive training in advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques. Most surgical procedures can be completed as an outpatient through the laparoscope, greatly reducing pain and recovery time.

Tubal Reversal Surgery Options

We also provide in depth consultation about tubal rev ersal options. Tubal reversal surgery can produce good success rates in many patients and IVF is a better option in others. A complete evaluation is done to provide the best infertility treatment recommendations.

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