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Infertility Causes Overview

Infertility is a relatively common condition affecting approximately 10% of couples of reproductive age and the incidence of infertility seems to be increasing.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) defines infertility as the inability to conceive after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse. This time is shortened to six months in women over 35 because of the direct correlation between advancing female age and decreased fertility.

Infertility was once considered a "female" problem. We now know that almost half of all infertile couples will have a male infertility component. This finding means that male infertility must be “ruled out” before female therapy begins. Correcting a condition, such as irregular ovulation, does little good if there are not enough “quality” sperm for fertilization. Ovulatory disorders, endometriosis, blockage of the fallopian tube(s), cervical mucous problems, uterine abnormalities, PCOS, miscarriage, and genetic diseases are all causes of infertility.


Increasing female age is perhaps the greatest enemy of fertility. The age at which females are ma



Endometriosis is a relatively common condition affecting 5-10% of women in the general population



Once the eggs are released (ovulated) from the ovarian follicles they must be picked up by the fi



PCOS causes elevated androgens (typically thought of as male hormones) which lead to many of the


Cervical Factors

Cervical factor infertility, or male infertility, results when the sperm cannot “swim throu



The uterus must be free of large obstructions, such as endometrial polyps and fibroids (leiomyoma



One of the major causes of miscarriage is an abnormal number of chromosomes in the embryo. This c



As the name “unexplained infertility” implies, this condition occurs when no obvious


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