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Welcome to Khanna Test Tube Baby Center's Infertility Clinic

We are honoured that you chose our clinic and we will do everything possible to make your treatment as effective and stress free as possible. At KTTBC, you will receive care from some of the most highly trained, experienced, Infertility Specialists.

Our specialists have completed extensive, advanced training and will always propose the treatment most likely to result in pregnancy while considering other factors such as cost, risk, and patient circumstances.

We offer the latest technologies to help couples achieve their dreams of starting, or adding to, their families. Our staff believes an informed patient is best equipped to make the right decisions and we are always available to answer questions. Infertility is a couple’s condition and we try to involve both partners in every step of the diagnostic and treatment processes.

Helping Couples Overcome Infertility

KTTBC can help you realize your dream. We know the financial, emotional, and physical stresses that can be associated with infertility treatments.

We realize the importance of providing care in a compassionate and understanding environment. Our infertility specialists and fertility clinic staff have extensive experience working with infertile couples.

A mother’s joy begins, when new life is stirring inside… When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone

Seeing a Specialist

It is critical to see a specialist early in the course of your infertility evaluation. Pregnancy success rates are higher, and cost is usually lower, when treatments are directed to a patient’s specific problems by a specialist.

The “diagnosis” of infertility can be devastating to a couple who has been trying for months to become pregnant. Fortunately, if a specialist is consulted soon, there are many effective treatments. It is extremely important that the "right" treatment begin as soon as possible, especially if the female is in her mid-late thirties.

The specialist will order all appropriate tests for both partners to determine the cause(s) of infertility. Sometimes a specific diagnosis is not always possible (unexplained infertility). IVF is appropriate for some cases on unexplained infertility.